Meet Our Speakers

Kevin Gilpin, Program Director


Kevin Gilpin was born and raised in New York City and resides along with his wife in Palm Coast, Florida. He is the proud father of three children, two boys and a girl.

Mr. Gilpin founded the National Crime Stop Program in 1985 to battle the increasing crime in his community. The workshop that he developed focuses on "crime from a criminal's perspective" and is most often described as the most fast paced, entertaining and informative presentation ever given on the topics of Identity Theft and Personal Safety.

In 2004, Mr. Gilpin went through training to become an advocate for Computer Crime and Identity Theft victims. Being that Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in our nation and poses the greatest threat to businesses and consumers alike, Mr. Gilpin's expertise in Credit/Debit Card Fraud, Cyber Crime and IRS Fraud have proven to be invaluable to almost every major Corporation and Government Agency throughout the Southeast U.S.

Mr. Gilpin heads up a staff of safety consultants who are responsible for conducting hundreds of Identity Theft and Crime Prevention seminars each year, reaching thousands of employees and worried consumers throughout the country.

Kevin Gilpin can be reached by email at or call 904.685.2201 to have him as your speaker at your next event.