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    Lunch & Learns: Our most popular training format.

    You provide lunch and we provide 60 minutes of the most impacting information your staff will ever hear. This gives everyone the opportunity to hear the information without taking away from the day's productivity.

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    Is your card transmitting your personal information?

    RFID chips inside credit & debit cards allow identity thieves to steal your card information from up to 18ft. away from you. Learn how to protect financial data.

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    Has someone filed a fraudulent tax return using your Social Security Number?

    Learn what red flags to look for and how to help prevent this crime before it happens to you.

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    We are the the most highly trained and dynamic speakers in the country on Identity Theft, Computer Crime, Tax/IRS Fraud, Personal Safety and Home Security

    Call now to have one of our speakers at your next Corporate Event, Staff Meeting, Group/Club Meeting, Lunch and Learn, HOA/PTA Meeting, Church Group or any other setting.

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Our Focus

Identity Theft


Our biggest concern for 2014 has been Crowd Hacking, the ability of hackers to simply walk by you and steal your credit & debit card information. This can now be done from over 25ft. away from you while your card is still in your wallet or purse. We show you exactly how the criminals are able to do this for under $20 and all the ways you are able to protect yourself from this high-tech crime.

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